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      <br> Schizophrenia and manic depression were diagnosedduring at least a dozen hospitalizations over the previous two decades, and hiscondition had worsened because he refused to take his medication, the reportstates. The doctors there wanted to give himinjections, but he refused. According to relatives, he returned from the service prone to talk tohimself, walk in circles, and behave like a “zombie.” He wasdiagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in Canada and received mental healthtreatment there. After living in Canada for decades, McDonald returned to theUnited States, settling in Great Falls, Montana. After five years of treatment, Zmyewski hadbeen released and had returned home. According to Sheriff’s InvestigatorDannie Curtain, Zmyewski’s sister Tamara Pearson had filed the commitmentpetition after Zmyewski chased her and her children from the home he sharedwith his mother with a shotgun. Summary: Michael Raymond Johnson shotSheriff’s Deputy Peter Aguirre to death in July 1996 when the officer respondedto a domestic disturbance call at the home of Johnson’s estranged wife. Page was convicted of murder in 1996 and wasscheduled to be executed by injection Feb. 27, 2004 at Central Prison.According to his attorney, Walt Jones, Page suffers from post-traumatic stressdisorder and bipolar disorder, Jones said, but a judge wouldn’t grant defenseattorneys $3,000 to $5,000 to hire an independent expert to examine him.”We have had a mental-health evaluation done on Mr. Page that the juryshould have heard,” Jones said.<br>
      <br> Serra’s father stated that Serra was diagnosed two years priorwith paranoid schizophrenia and depression and, at the time of the shooting,was “under a doctor’s care, was taking his medication and was progressingwell.” Serra pled guilty to second-degree murder under a plea agreementand was sentenced to 30 years in prison. July 24, 1998. Weston, who spent20 years in and out of psychiatric hospitals, had told psychiatrists that hewas the inventor of a time machine that was being misused by “evil’cannibals'” in the Clinton administration and that this time machine wascontrolled in a room in the Capitol. His attorney then requested the Arizona Supreme Court hear the casein an attempt to get Clark out of prison and into the state mental hospital.Subsequent History: In June 2006, the U.S. Defense attorney Fred Bennett, whodefended Logan and sought his initial appeal, dog ate too much salt said that prosecutors’ failure tohave the county’s psychiatrist correctly diagnose Logan’s paranoidschizophrenia in his murder trial was critical in the case. Questioning was terminated when the Defendant asked to talk with an attorney. Teresa Zastrow, Judy’s sister, testified that on the day Judy and the Defendant separated, Chad called and asked her to drive to the Defendant’s trailer to pick up himself, Jason and Judy.<br>
      <br> A common driveway enters the property from the main road and connects the Defendant’s trailer and his parents’ house, which are about 50 to 60 yards apart. I did not have the experience of being a “delight” to my parents and those around me. Singletary alsowounded two other law enforcement officers before being killed himself duringthe ensuing gunbattle. “There’s nothing crazy about me.I’ve read law books,” Alvine said at one point. Moreover, one of the effects of Covidtide, I think, is that by forcibly breaking some of our technological habits it creatively destabilizes others. Every family, it seems, has that single pet-the one that’s different from all the others-the one that somehow becomes enshrined in family lore. On its own, pamplemousse LaCroix tastes like seltzer that’s been paddled in by a rat that once sidled past a grapefruit, but it actually tastes great with Campari. Alongside its Sparkling Clementine product are nine other sparkling fruit drinks, including Sparkling Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Apple, Peach and Cherry Lime, to name a few!<br>
      <br> It’s competitive of me maybe, but also practical; there are no emails or messages because everyone else is out and they all assume you’ve got plans. Page, then 54, shot Amos as the policeofficer got out of his car. Park Deitz, psychiatrist for the prosecution, said Matthews was psychoticwhen he shot Herzog, but only because he had smoked crack earlier in the day.Prior History: Eleven days before Herzog was killed, Matthews had been releasedfrom the state prison in Monroe after serving time for assaulting a policeofficer. Subsequent History: Ajury found Matthews guilty of aggravated first-degree murder on August 19,2004. King County Superior Court Judge Michael Hayden then sentenced him tolife in prison without parole. Subsequent History: A Nashville jury brought in toChattanooga to hear Jones’ case convicted Jones of second-degree murder on June17, 2005. He was on August 15, 2005 to 25 years in prison with no parole.Prosecutors argued he was faking mental illness and had said they would seek adeath sentence if Jones were convicted of first-degree murder. He received a psychiatric evaluation while in prison for that crimethat alluded to mental illness.<br>

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