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      <br> Yes, beginners would be wise to only play two-piece golf balls at the beginning of their golfing journey. Possibly an even better option for beginners is to buy used (recycled) balls in bulk on places like eBay. Without that possibility, Wilson engineers found the “raw” finish version produced more consistent distance and reduced dispersion compared to balls with a coating. Where in the French source Merlin viciously hits one of his playmates with a crosse (a hockey stick), in Maerlant’s Flemish version the word used is kolve. In addition, the entry for the year 1506 specifies the amount of three French crowns lost by the king in a golfing bet (betting on the outcome of games was widespread in the Middle Ages). In Hay’s French source, Alexander the Great had received a ball (estuef) and a hockey stick (crosse) from the king of Persia. In his Scots version, Hay rendered crosse into golf-staff and further alludes to the stick as a means with which to chase the Persian emperor and his lords to and fro like a ball in a hockey match.<br>
      <br> This confirms that the Scots word golf is indeed based on kolve or kolf. Yes you can get the Personalized Titleist Golf Balls. Some features that make a custom logo golf ball set a well-received promotional item are the return on investment you will get and the characteristics of the golf ball itself. You will be pleased with the results you’ll get this way! Without any doubt, this product will satisfy you with its advanced features. “Quality product and our golfers were very impressed with the gift. Reed’s efforts saw him pocket $11 million in a tournament dominated by American golfers with Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth ending in second and third. Its genesis was a move by a group of players to hold a competition or tournament. For instance, a golfer who misses the ball is said to lose the right to strike (wastes a stroke); to step onto the teeing ground before it is one’s turn is against the rules because a certain order of play has to be adhered to; a player must be allowed to swing freely, necessitating that other players step back; a golfer is not allowed to stand in the light of his partner; and, lastly, in order to putt, the ball has to be struck-merely pushing it is forbidden and is called a knavish trick.<br>
      <br> In its infancy players simply cut holes with their penknives and stuck feathers in them for the guidance of those who were coming behind. High compression balls have a rating of 100 or higher, and are used by the hardest hitters, who may often need the maximal accuracy they provide. The Oakhurst Golf Club in West Virginia, which later became the Greenbrier Club, is said to have been formed in 1884; and the Dorset Field Club in Dorset, Vermont, claims to have been organized and to have laid out its course in 1886, although in both instances written records are lacking. This done, Reid and his friend John B. Upham tried them out on February 22, 1888, over an improvised three-hole layout. Golfers-and other shoppers-should be eager to see how this battle plays out. If you are looking for a great golf ball that produces the consistency your game has been missing, stay tuned to see if the Titleist Pro V1 is right for you.<br>
      <br> The fact that in Scotland golf counted royalty among its followers and the fact that the first pictorial representations of the game are to be found in books of hours owned by members of the continental high aristocracy suggest that from the middle of the 15th century there are two games to distinguish: one was kolve/kolf, a variety of hockey that was popular with townspeople and the peasantry, and the other was golf, the preserve of the upper crust of society. The Stuarts also gave the game its first woman golfer-Mary, Queen of Scots, who was charged with playing in the fields beside Seton only a few days after the murder of her husband, Lord Darnley. Don’t make noise while your playing partners are putting. Created in 1505, one year before Philip’s death, it shows golfers in the process of swinging and putting. While you probably won’t spin this ball backward with your wedges, it’s a great distance ball that doesn’t sacrifice the soft feel on short shots all golfers know and love. Perhaps Dad plays golf, while Mom goes to a health club. Despite the likelihood of a continental origin of golf, King James IV, who had prohibited the hockeylike game of golf earlier (in 1491), nevertheless became the first authenticated player of “real” golf.<br>

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