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      <br> One interpretation of the Sami flag would be that the colors of the flag consist of the flag colors in Scandinavian flags and the ring represents unity. Canada didn’t have an official national flag until 1965, and the selection of one was the source a heated debate that result in the maple leaf flag today. The “Field of Flags” installation was unveiled on Monday evening, which covers the National Mall’s green space between the U.S. The Field of Flags was lit light up garden flags for the first time on Monday night. The design for the Härjedalen flag first surfaced in the 1960s and 1970s locally and in travel media to promote Härjedalen. The park first opened in June 1971 as Six Flags Over Mid-America. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord is a water park located in Concord, California. In early 2018, the park was rebranded from Waterworld California to Hurricane Harbor Concord. Formerly WaterWorld Safari, then Wet ‘N’ Wild Phoenix, it’s now Hurricane Harbor Phoenix after Six Flags bought the property (notice a trend here?) is great for kids. Hurricane Harbor OKC provides a familiar mix of soaking rides and family-friendly play areas.<br>
      <br> Frontier City and Hurricane Harbor OKC are both operated by Six Flags, so you can expect a similar experience. Wet ‘n’ Wild Splashtown, nestled in the Spring suburb of Houston, became Hurricane Harbor Splashtown at the start of 2019. It is Houston’s largest waterpark, so Splashtown is definitely a draw for folks living in the area, but not much of an attraction for out-of-towners. Pink: Represents attraction to female-identified people. The Västergötland flag represents the region of West Sweden which includes the counties of Halland, Älvsborg, Skaraborg, Värmland and Gothenburg, and Bohus. The use of this flag is not very common and the flag’s meaning is only known by a small group of Swedes residing in Finland. The Flag of Swedish Speakers in Finland consists of two flag colors: Yellow and red, combined in a Scandinavian Cross. However, this is not common knowledge and most identify the flag of the Swedish speakers in Finland as the flag of Skåne instead. In Finland, a group of Swedish speakers consider this flag their traditional minority flag. While this flag design is not an officially recognized flag, it is in common use and easy to spot on Bornholm.<br>
      <br> If you’re looking at a home in a rural area, ask your agent which cell phone providers people use most often there. But while Americans won’t be able to celebrate Biden’s inauguration together on Jan. 20, Biden’s Presidential Inaugural Committee constructed a massive art project on the national mall to represent those who could not be there in person. Listening back to the national obsession with the Kennedy family in the 1960s when the family played a famous game of touch football on the lawn of their houses. The Canby version and the subsequent 1909 book with the Ross family affidavits never specify the arrangement of stars. Flag appeared. It consisted of 13 red and white stripes with a very long (11 stripes long) canton bearing either 12 or 13 white stars and a gold fleur-di-lis. This is the flag of Västergötland, a regional flag of West Sweden (Västsverige). Ostergotland/Östergötland is one of the traditional provinces in southern Sweden. Västergötland is one Sweden’s 25 traditional provinces. The flag of Västergötland was designed in 1990 by Per Andersson and is not an officially recognized flag in Sweden.<br>
      <br> Ostergotland’s flag is not an officially recognized flag per se, but nonetheless widely used in Ostergotland. The flag of Ostergotland is a flag that simply inverts the colors of the national flag of Sweden while retaining the same flag colors and shape (the typical Scandinavian Cross with the flag’s cross offset to the hoist side of the flag). The yellow-black Härjedalen flag was created by Hans Stergel, a tourism manager in western Härjedalen. Another rationale for the change was to match the star used on the Coat of Arms, which was created in the same year. Originally part of Six Flags Great America, this water park became a separate entity last year. The flag of the Sami people has the colors red, green, yellow, and blue as part of the flag. Presumably, the yellow color is meant to connect the flag to Sweden’s national flag (which shows the colors yellow and blue). The flag of Västergötland has its origins in the flag design of Götaland, and two of the three flag colors are identical to the national flag of Sweden. In such cases, they are symlinked to the best flag to represent them, which in most cases is the flag of their regional or political parent.<br>

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