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      Use less water every time you flush In a typical home, toilets account for almost 30% of indoor water consumption. There are several ways to reduce the amount of water that your toilet uses, including switching to a low-flow toilet. According to the EPA, these water-efficient toilets can help your family save up to $140 per year.

      JIP’s plan has since raised alarm among some of Japan’s big banks, whose funding would be critical to financing a buyout of the $15 billion company, according to the two sources familiar with the talks and another person.

      The look was a far cry from the very glamorous ensemble Ivanka was seen sporting on Friday night, when she attended a ceremony in the Czech Republic that was held to honor her late mother Ivana’s ‘dedication to the country’. 

      Despite being selected as preferred bidder, JIP has struggled to secure enough equity commitments from potential partners, sources have said.
      It now looks set to miss a Monday deadline to deliver a firm proposal that includes letters of commitment from banks, sources have said.

      The look was a far cry from the very glamorous ensemble Ivanka was seen sporting on Friday night, when she attended a ceremony in the Czech Republic that was held to honor her late mother Ivana’s ‘dedication to the country’

      The Japanese government owns 96% of JIC.
      The trade ministry has said the fund cannot spend taxpayer money on a deal just to take a company private and make things easier for management. Any investment would have to fulfil policy goals such as promoting restructuring, it has said.

      Yes, little changes can make a big difference As you’ve probably noticed by now, the best ways to save on your water bill involve using less water and switching to more efficient appliances. From installing a faucet aerator to shortening your showers, each of these small changes will help you become smarter about your water usage — which benefits your wallet and the planet.

      Staff have been told that everyone received an email by 9am PST (4pm GMT) on Friday, with those who are affected by the cuts set to receive the message on their personal email address rather than the one associated with their work.

      A month after Ivana’s passing, the medical examiner ruled she died as a result of a fall. She was said to have taken a tumble inside her $2.5million Upper East Side townhouse in Manhattan, where she was found at the base the staircase by a housekeeper.

      Musk is thought to want to drastically reduce costs at the company after completing his 44 billion dollar (£39 billion) takeover of the platform last week, since tweeting “we need to pay the bills somehow”.

      Looking for a cheaper or DIY option? Add a weighted plastic bottle to your toilet tank. The idea is that the bottle will take up space in the tank that’s usually filled with water, so less water is wasted with each flush. To do this, fill a half-gallon bottle with sand and place it inside the tank, making sure it sinks to the bottom. Replace the lid of the tank and flush as normal.

      In late October, JIC expanded the size of its buyout fund to 900 billion yen ($6.11 billion) from 200 billion yen. Two of the sources said the expansion was not just for a Toshiba buyout but also aimed at other deals.

      After Ivana’s death, Zeman told her children: ‘Your mother was not only an excellent athlete and a capable manager, but I also remember her as a kind and warm-hearted person. In addition, she remained a proud Czech who never forgot her homeland.’

      JIP, which previously bought out Olympus Corp’s camera business and Sony Group Corp’s laptop business, will continue to try to secure equity and financing commitments after the deadline, two of the sources said.

      Simon Deakin, a professor of Law at the University of Cambridge, said if 100 or more employees are sacked within a period of 90 days, the Business Secretary must be notified 45 days before the first dismissal.

      Japan Industrial Partners, the private equity firm since selected by Toshiba as a preferred bidder, originally teamed up with state-backed fund Japan Investment Corp in a first round of bidding earlier this year.

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      Search for Gadgetinku water leaks around the house If you’ve noticed any spikes on your water bill (but haven’t changed your habits), a leak may be to blame. Before changing your water consumption habits or investing in new appliances, spend some time checking for leaks around the house. Look for puddles around your toilets, under sinks and the dishwasher, and around your washing machine. 

      You can save even more water on your showers by installing a water-efficient shower head. In fact, the EPA estimates that the average family can save $70 in annual water and energy costs by switching to a WaterSense-approved shower head.

      Switch up your shower habits The typical American spends eight minutes in the shower, which equates to 20 gallons of water per shower. If everyone in your household makes an attempt to take fewer or shorter showers, you could feasibly save hundreds of gallons of water each month.

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