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      Though the hip-hop drama Straight Outta Compton topped this weekend’s box office totals with $13million, an unheralded Christian film marched to second place despite a lack of major promotion or star power.<br>War Room, a film about prayer and a family in a crumbling marriage by brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick, raked in more than $11million despite only showing at just over 1,100 theaters.<br>In comparison, the latest Mission Impossible and Owen Wilson thriller No Escape each made more than $8million, but were shown in more than 3,000 locations across the country.<br>Though War Room starred a trio of relative unknowns, it was able to best major studios such as Paramount and Weinstein Company despite a PG rating and a complete lack of titillating explosions or violence<br> The Christian movie War Room, about a family surviving difficulty in a marriage through prayer, debuted at number two in the box office with $11million. Above, a still from the movie between Miss Clara (left), played by Karen Abercrombie, and Elizabeth, played by Priscilla Shirer<br> The movie is the latest effort from Stephen (left) and Alex Kendrick (center), who are known well only in evangelical circles. Above, the filmmakers with brother Shannon (right) an IT worker who joined their company<br>The movie, made with a $3.5million, budget sees an African-American family headed by a hardworking husband Tony, played by TC Stallings, begin to crumble as he is tempted by cheating.<br>His wife Elizabeth, Priscilla Shirer, ultimately creates a ‘war room’ of prayer that helps the family survive through adversity after meeting a brash older woman named Miss Clara, played by Karen Abercrombie.<br>’God totally gets the credit for what’s happening,’ Stephen Kendrick said in a statement of the film’s success. ‘Thousands of people have been praying for this movie.’ <br>Stephen and his brother Alex, who are from Georgia and both ordained ministers, have previously made three films together including 2011’s Courageous, 2008’s Fireproof and Facing the Giants in 2006.<br> RELATED ARTICLES

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      War Room centers around the relationship between a hardworking husband tempted to cheat (right, played by TC Stallings) and his wife. Above, Stallings is pictured with director Alex Kendrick<br> Some had expected his latest effort to end up debuting in the $5million range before its success. Above, the crew film a scene in a gymnasium<br>Some had expected his latest effort to end up debuting in the $5million range. <br>The $2million budget Courageous debuted with $9million from 1,200 screens and eventually made $34million. Fireproof $6.8million on 900 screens and went on to earn $33million, The filmmakers have also helped generate buzz for War Room by distributing materials such as books and Bible-study lesson plans to churches. Above, Stephen Kendrick with a ‘novelization’ of his movie<br>’Some of our critics, especially the secular critics, will accuse us of preaching to the choir and accuse us of not hitting our proper audience, which is hilarious to me because we know our audience,’ Alex Kendick told . <br>The movie earned an A+ on CinemaScore, which gauges audience appreciation. <br>’I think the days of being

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