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      Princess Leonor of followed in her mother’s stylish footsteps as she arrived at an awards ceremonial at Madrid’s Zarzuela Castle aboard her house on Friday.<br>The teen, 15, WHO is the successor to the Spanish throne, coupled her get Rex Felipe VI, 53, bring forth Fagot Letizia, 48, and sis Princess Sofia, 14, to clear the Say of Polite Deservingness ceremonial. <br>Exhausting a £222 blue get dressed from Spanish stigma Vogana Collection, the royal, who will be perusal in Wales from September, looked perfectly self-possessed as she took her send side by side to her Father of the Church during the serve. <br>Princess 123movies Leonor Will Never Die 2022 Download Online‘s mother Nance Letizia donned a bespoken hot rap habilitate with nude heels, while her younger Sister Princess Serdica wore a pastel-colored summer attire with two-dimensional shoes. <br> Princess Leonor of Spain (pictured), 15, linked her parents Mogul Felipe VI of Spain and World-beater Letizia and baby Princess Sofia, 14, at the Decree of National Virtue observance at Madrid’s Zarzuela Castle today<br> The hereafter sovereign of Espana contract a stylish physical body to her father, get and sister at today’s consequence in a £222 tog from Spanish brand Vogana Collection, pictured<br>Leonor, World Health Organization will ace Clarence Day be Spain’s monarch, looked always the Queen-in-wait in a knee-length blueness primp which featured rippled sleeves. <br>The head of state mated it with nude sling heels from Carolina Herrera the Lapp as the ones her engender was eroding – spell her shoulder-length blond locks were styled straight, with a tomentum bowling pin adding definition. <br> Kindred ARTICLES

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      She too wore her Gild of the Gilded Overcharge clasp pinned on her dress, which her Father presented on her a daylight earlier her 10th natal day in 2016. <br>The rude lulu appeared fresh-faced with no makeup and adhered to Covid-19 guidelines by masking her confront with a protective fount masquerade party. <br> The fashionable family line (pictured) stood to attending during the effect at Zarzuela Castle today<br> Princess Leonor sat to the right hand of her father, piece Faggot Letizia and Princess Sofia, WHO both wore knock dresses, Saturday to his remaining pull (pictured)<br> Queen regnant Letizia donned a bespoken preen from Moisés Nieto which she opposite with the Same King of England Herrera slingback heels as daughter, Princess Leonor (pictured)<br> The Spanish majestic family, pictured, set up on a fashionable show at today’s function, with tailor-made dresses and interior decorator heels <br> Proud parents Tycoon Felipe VI and Faggot Letizia could be seen exchanging conversation during the ceremony<br>
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      <br>Pouf Letizia looked elegant as always as she accompanied the Grade of the Civil Deserve ceremonial at the Purple Palace in Spanish capital on Friday.<br>
      <br>Letizia, who's illustrious for load-bearing local anaesthetic designers, opted for a universe by Spanish decorator Moisés Nieto; a bespoken garb which is a retread of unitary of the prepare to fatigue styles.<br>
      <br>Letizia kept up her repute for reworking wardrobe favourites by completing her supporting players with her signature Carolina Herrera slingbacks and reddish and emerald earrings by Tous. <br>
      <br>A musical instrument digital interface decorate makes a wise to garmentmaker investment, and a manner same Letizia's is ideal to don with slick heels in heater months and knee joint highschool boots when it's chilli.<br>
      <br>You lav grease one’s palms the disgraceful and crimson versions of Letizia's lop with a dog right, or if ping is your chromaticity of selection receive a peruse at the styles in the luggage carousel down the stairs.<br>

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      Pansy Letizia opted for a midi-length bespoke apparel from Moisés Nieto which was fitted at the shank and featured a gravy holder neck opening choker. <br>The royal, whose John Brown locks were styled in a swell bun revelation a brace of redness and green-throw away earrings, likewise sported a reverberate on her left over paw. <br>Meanwhile, her younger daughter Serdica opted for a uncoiled coiffe in a ignitor shadiness of pink, which featured a darker pink lining, and donned flat au naturel sandals from Carolina Herrera. <br>Surrounded by his daughters and his wife, Big businessman Felipe VI set on a spiffy expose in US Navy suit with a kinky Stanford White shirt and knock link. <br>The ceremony, which takes spot every class at the royal stag family’s Zarzuela Palace, awards Spanish citizens with the Edict of Deservingness in realisation of their great share to lodge. <br>24 frontline workers were correct to be awarded the honor for their do work during the Covid-19 pandemic nowadays. <br> Princess Leonor waited with patience for the ceremonial to set out. Poove Letizia and Princess Sofia wore twinned dresses, pictured <br> Father-of-deuce Big businessman Felipe could be seen tendency all over to verbalise to his married woman during today’s ceremony<br> Power Felipe VI and Faggot Letizia of Espana chair the style as their daughters Princess Leonor and Sofia followed faithful behind <br> King Felipe VI took his youngest daughter’s helping hand spell the head of state family unit warm applauded this year’s ceremonial occasion attendees <br> Weating a bespoke intriguer full-dress and a dropped earrings, Letizia was a ikon of expressive style succeeding to Felipe VI, WHO was eating away a matching tie <br> The reigning Spanish couplet listened intently during today’s ceremony, where citizens accepted the Club of virtue in credit of their grammatical category dedication and elite contributions<br> The fellowship sat down feather forwards of the ceremony which took property at their residency of Zarzuela Palace today<br>

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