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      Register Thinkorswim Paper Money for Demo Trading

      Hello there, readers of the trading blog. Registration Thinkorswim Paper is needed especially for those who want to try trading American stocks in a demo account or to test some strategy in real-time. It is quite simple and reliable in the sense of possible bans. On this page (thinkorswim-europe.medium.com), we will look at how Thinkorswim registration works, and all its points.

      A few more important words before we get into the main topic. In the previous post, we deal with how Thinkorswim is downloaded to get the full version of Live Trading. Those who have completed that registration also received the Paper Money version, so this post can be read for familiarization purposes.

      What makes the two versions of this trading platform different? Paper Money gives you access to demo trading, but there is no stock filter, which to me personally is the best I have ever worked with.

      On the contrary, Live Trading gives access to the filter, but no demo trading. Take note: both versions have a 20 min delay in quotes from real data. For swing traders (see swing trading: a strategy) this is a small loss. If you want to get real data from the market, unfortunately, I can not help you (try searching on the Internet for different ways to register Thinkorswim).

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