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      <br> With a capacity near 252.7Wh, a nice complement of ports, a built-in flashlight, and an included carrying case, this highly portable power station makes a great travel companion for road trips. It’s quite the nifty travel companion. Speaking of travel, it’s lightweight and easy to carry with you anywhere you go. It won’t be heavy enough to really notice in a bag, but it’s also not light enough to comfortably carry in your back pocket even though it’ll probably fit. Combined with the benefits from having two of something instead of one, we now personally carry both the NOVOO and Anker 10,000 mAh. Having a solar power bank means being able to charge all your electronics anywhere, any time. With the device having built-in lightning, Micro-USB, and USB-C output cables, it is compatible with a wide range of devices across manufacturers. Previously, he was Senior Phones Editor for TechRadar, and he has covered smartphones and the mobile space for the best part of a decade bringing you news on all the big announcements from top manufacturers making mobile phones and other portable gadgets.<br>
      <br> The rubberized exterior shell is quite smooth and easy to grip, making it difficult to fall out of your hand at any given moment. When it comes to a lightweight, smart way to stay charged on-the-go, you can’t go wrong with the Solargaard power bank – making it my top pick for the best solar power bank overall. Anker likes to compare this to the weight of a can of soup, and that’s a good way of understanding how heavy it’s going to be. The size of this power bank is not large, it does weigh a bit on the heavy side, but other than that, you could place it into a pocket or hold it in your hand. It packs a nice combination of power and form factor, coming in at just 16mm thick and 5.29 ounces heavy. Following my top solar power bank recommendations is an informative breakdown of important considerations everyone should read before buying a solar bank of their own. The Lucy lantern has a bottom strap and fixed top strap that makes hanging it up easy – from your backpack, from your tent, or a nearby branch. One of the rounded edges has a button to power on the device, and when you press that four lights will light up on the top side of the device.<br>
      <br> Our test for how quick you can charge up your device is to use an iPhone X and see how long each portable charger takes to charge it to 100% from 0. We ran our iPhone X down to dry and plugged in the phone and found it took two hours and 15 minutes to charge up our handset. There’s also a micro USB slot for charging up the charger itself. We’d generally recommend opting for the USB-C version as it should be able to charge quicker and most top-end modern phones now use this universal standard for USB charging. Now you can create the mood anywhere you go – from your backyard to the campground. You have four modes to choose from – low, medium, high, and flashing – to create any mood or signal for help if needed. And if you find yourself in an emergency situation, it’s good to know you have a powerful strobe to signal for help. If you can find this Anker charger for a suitable price, it’s a good option to have sitting in the bottom of your bag for those times you’re going to need to pump up your devices.<br>
      <br> The version of the Anker PowerCore 20100 we’ve tried costs $49.99 / £32.99 / AU$89.95 from major retailers, but you’re sure to be able to find it for a bit less around sales periods. With 20,100mAh of battery inside, a fully charged Anker PowerCore 20100 will be able to charge up an iPhone X around seven times before it needs to be charged up again itself. Anker PowerCore comes with a 20,100 mAh battery that can easily fuel your phone 3-4 times. Qi wireless charging. Can charge most phones two to three times. With the Samsung Wireless Power Bank, they are looking to improve on aspects that I didn’t know I wanted. That’s not an option on all versions of the charger from Anker though, so it’s worth checking in the exact specs of the listing to know what features the charger has. This is to indicate how much charge is left inside, so if only two of them light up you’ll know there’s around 50% left. There’s also a higher capacity 8K version that doesn’t cost much more in certain colors.<br>

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