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      Plans for EE’s expansion come ahead of BT’s half-year results this Thursday, with many investors looking to see how the FTSE100 firm is holding up amid fears the cost-of-living squeeze will cause customers to cut back on internet and phone plans. 

      Studies show almost one in five long Covid sufferers have persistent tension-like headaches.
      It’s still not clear why, but one theory is the immune system reacts to long Covid symptoms by repeatedly activating the trigeminal nerve in the head, triggering pain.

      The drugs work by blocking the activity of histamine, a chemical released by the immune system. In some people, production can go haywire in response to certain substances – such as pollen – triggering unwanted symptoms.

      By late August, DePape seemed to become engrossed in Twitter’s decision to ban Jordan Peterson for his posts about transgender people after the Canadian psychologist compared being transgender to ‘satanic ritual abuse.’

      The San Francisco Police Department often posted a patrol car at the Pelosi house, particularly after the Jan. 6, 2021, attack at the Capitol, but there was no police car present at the home during the time of the attack. 

      Judge grants depositions of Fauci, Jen Psaki and other high… Judge grants depositions of Fauci, Jen Psaki and other high… Biden administration SUED for ‘censoring’ free speech:… Biden administration SUED for ‘censoring’ free speech:…

      ‘It is axiomatic that the government cannot do indirectly what it is prohibited from doing directly. If government officials are directing or facilitating such censorship, it raises serious First Amendment questions.’ 

      Fire HD 10 Plus: $105

      Save $75

      This 2021 model of the Fire HD 10 Plus is Amazon’s most advanced tablet to date. It features 4GB of RAM (twice as much as the previous generation) and a 1080p, 10.1-inch screen. And at 42% off, this matches the absolute lowest price we’ve seen. 

      It’s important to say there is a paucity of scientific evidence in this area.
      Before NHS doctors can recommend treatment, they need to have gone through large controlled clinical trials. No specific long Covid therapy has met this bar, so far.

      ‘Most of the dead are children at the school and our sympathies go to the parents,’ Internal Affairs Minister General Kahinda Otafiire said, adding that the school has been cordoned off as a ‘crime scene’ and vowing there would be a full investigation.

      50-inch Omni Series Fire TV: $400

      Save $110

      With Amazon’s growing selection of  and  running its excellent Fire TV software, it was only a matter of time before it started manufacturing its own smart TVs. The Omni series is the more advanced of its two models and comes with a microphone built directly into the TV for truly hands-free voice control, and boasts 4K resolution. There are some discounts available on other sizes as well, but the 50-inch model is the best value available. 

      The suit alleges that the Biden administration actively worked with social media companies and encouraged them to censor ‘disfavored’ viewpoints and speakers in violation of the First Amendment rights of those individuals. 

      Without making an exhaustive list of all the 203 known symptoms, they include brain fog – also known as cognitive dysfunction – chest pains and breathlessness, insomnia, palpitations, dizziness, joint pain, depression and anxiety, nausea and other distressing digestive issues, food intolerances and allergies, headaches, skin rashes, hair loss, menstrual changes, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, hallucinations… it goes on and on.

      It follows an announcement last week that EE, which is owned by BT, would start offering customers cyber and home security packages through a partnership with antivirus firm Norton and alarm system group Verisure. 

      The condition affects multiple organs and bodily systems, causing a huge variety of problems to varying degrees of severity and duration. Crucially, they vary from person to person, and are not likely to be consistent – they can come and Gadgetinku.com go.

      The report indicates that most of the government’s work on disinformation is taking place within the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a DHS sub-agency created during the Trump administration with a broad mandate to protect US infrastructure.

      And the vast majority suffered only a mild initial Covid infection, not requiring hospitalisation. But for almost all who experience it – ‘long-haulers’, as they are sometimes called – the illness impairs every aspect of life.

      ‘There is growing evidence that the legislative and executive branch officials are using social media companies to engage in censorship by surrogate,’ Jonathan Turley, a professor of law at George Washington University, told The Intercept. 

      Blink Mini Camera (2-pack): $30

      Save $35

      You can keep an eye on your home from anywhere with these simple indoor security cameras. The Blink Mini offers two-way communication, notifications for motion and night vision, all in a tiny package. And right now, you can get two for the price of one with this bundle deal.

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