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      <br> Note: The table below lists only public holidays i.e. holidays which are legally considered to be non-working days. These holidays range from religious festivals to birthdays of individuals with historical significance as well as the foundation days of the different states. 8) “And in the coming days… That works out to a little less than one per month, with two in January and none in March, April or August. I asked them to form two groups and talk about their favorite holidays. That way, customers save on shipping costs, and retailers earn an additional form of revenue while still promoting safe shopping. One of the most important ways small businesses can stand out and draw in customers during the holidays is by highlighting their unique products and connection to the local community. From its pastel-colored buildings, hilltop castle and mosaic walkways – it’s got to be one of Europe’s most beautiful garden flags capitals. Now it’s time to get really detailed. Most of my home viewing was spent binging on old Japanese films streamed from the new service Filmstruck; it’s basically a smorgasbord for cinema fans. 10. Provide exceptional customer service.<br>
      <br> There are 11 current federal holidays, according to an informative report online from the Congressional Research Service. In addition to officially-recognised public holidays, there are several unofficial holidays, such as St Nicholas’ Day (Nikolaus) on December 5, Carnival Monday (Rosenmontag) and Christmas Eve. There are a plethora of other holidays that are culturally significant to their countries of origin, some of which have festivities that far exceed even the most ostentatious Christmas celebration. The symbolism utilised and attached, the observance of the festival and the intensity and style of celebration differs from region to region within the nation. Some cities put on huge events for Juneteenth and for others it is a more family-oriented day of remembrance and celebration. Juneteenth. Organized by King disciple Ralph Abernathy, the rally, which boasted more than 50,000 participants, capped off about six weeks during which activists lived in an encampment called Resurrection City to raise awareness of inequality. Create a customized holiday plan that breaks down the big project called “the holidays” into manageable steps. You don’t want to lose potential customers because your website is down or you can’t process credit card orders. This means taking the time earlier in the year to upgrade security software, test checkout and payment processes, check the usability of search functions, and make sure your website is user-friendly and able to handle an increase in traffic.<br>
      <br> 3. Review and upgrade technology. You need to make sure your technology is ready and able to handle the onslaught of online holiday shoppers, particularly this year. Some context: As it stands now, there are 11 federal holidays each year and one extra each leap year. Planning is ongoing for every retailer, but preparation for the busiest shopping time of the year should include a detailed review of last year’s holiday sales strategy and performance. Another major online shopping trend in 2020 is “buy now, pay later,” which allows customers to pay in set installments or monthly. Publish content that’s relevant to your brand and interesting to your customers. 9. Use social media to promote your brand. “Look at every way to build your digital brand – from posting on Instagram to taking out cost-effective ads on social media networks, like Facebook – that can boost online visibility and keep your business front of mind for target audiences,” Garcia-Villari added. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a pet now; you’ll just need to take precautions to keep it safe and happy. The only thing missing is your party look, so without further ado, keep scrolling for some festive outfit inspiration.<br>
      <br> There are so many cute festive outfits to wear that’ll really get you into the spirit, and we rounded up 18 outfit ideas to wear during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa-whatever you celebrate! To prepare, businesses should boost their SEO efforts, make sure their websites are performing well and get the word out about shopping deals early. You can encourage existing customers to make holiday purchases by engaging them with exclusive online offers, in-store events and personalized discounts and promotions. Omnichannel shoppers are more likely to return to make additional purchases and to recommend brands to family and friends, so you’ll want to not only increase contact with these customers but also boost the value of that contact. The report also predicted that Black Friday may be an all-online event for both large retailers and small businesses and that Cyber Monday may see increased participation from shoppers. How you interact with shoppers after the holidays will leave a lasting impact and help determine if they become repeat customers. 8. Market to loyal customers. To further capitalize on the growth of online business, merchants should focus on reducing shopping-cart abandonment (when customers add items to a virtual shopping cart but don’t complete the purchase), particularly on mobile devices, said Amit Mathradas, president and chief operating officer of Avalara.<br>

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